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Cold snow cover Jinling show warm warm national conservation will be 150,000 farmers to explore the future

Published: 2017-06-06


November 25 to 27, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, sponsored by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Jiangsu Province Agricultural Committee support, Jiangsu Province Plant Protection Plant Quarantine Station, Xiamen Phoenix Creative Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. hosted the "thirty-second China Plant protection information exchange and agricultural machinery trade fair "held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The conference will focus on implementing the new concept of green development, adapting to the new situation of structural reform of agricultural supply side and realizing the new requirement of zero growth of pesticide use. With the theme of "pesticide reduction and efficiency, agricultural green development", we will attract domestic and foreign exhibitors 1000 More than home. 2016 agricultural industry continues to sluggish trend, the snow after the Nanjing International Expo Center ushered in the country from the 150,000 farmers Baotuan heating, looking for agricultural industry out of the way.
        It is understood that China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Agrochemical Fair (referred to as "China Plant Protection Double Fair") is the national agricultural 5A exhibition, called the first agricultural exhibition in China, after 30 years of wind and rain, in the agricultural industry and plant protection system Enjoy a high reputation, is currently the industry's largest, most popular, most far-reaching agricultural exhibition. The conference organizes publicity activities such as information dissemination, product display, academic exchange, industry negotiation and so on. It aims to promote the products, display technology, and display technology of pesticide and pharmaceutical production enterprises, distributors, plant protection departments, and new agricultural management entities, new plant protection social service organizations, Promote the brand, open up the market to build a platform for mutual exchange and trading, to better serve the effective prevention and control of major pests and diseases, pesticide reduction efficiency, to ensure food security, agricultural product quality and safety and ecological environment, promote modern plant protection and agricultural green sustainable development The
        According to this year's exhibition situation, the main show five highlights:
        Highlights one: Qunying blend to attract P Plus guests
        A total of more than 1,000 exhibitors, the opening of the Nanjing International Expo Center 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the exhibition hall, equivalent to more than 3,000 exhibition number; room No. 2 Square, New plant protection machinery, unmanned aerial vehicle display area ". The current well-known foreign enterprises gathered, the existing Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, DuPont, Dow AgroSciences, Ando Ma, Adelaide, Germany Kang Pu, the world more music, Chile Chemical, Israel special fertilizer, , Elf, Youma, Buffett and so on more than 70 global agricultural top ten foreign-funded enterprises to apply. Domestic brands, active enterprises on the market exhibitors active, they are wins, Jiangsu Pesticide Institute, good harvest, Jian card, Qinda, Yifan, Xin'an Chemical, Sinochem, new farmers, Yongnong, Yingtai, Yanhua, Changjiang, Fuhua Tongda, green agricultural, Mingde Rieter, the ancient agriculture, agriculture, agricultural and sideline products, Weiyuan, blue abundance, Huaxi, is the industry, China Star, long easy, Xianlong Chemical, Smith Barney agricultural, West Dahua, Kim Jong-il, Stanley, Wing Tong and so on. In addition, there are mainly agricultural network, agricultural Thai financial, agricultural doctors, farmers on the 1st, the new agricultural treasure, Fung letter agriculture, more than 10 companies apply. Plant protection enterprises, especially unmanned aerial vehicles enterprises exhibitors positive, they are Yongjia power, Feng Mao plant protection, Huasheng transit, Shandong Guard, Dongfeng Jing Guan, Ji Yifeng, Top, Anyang Fengfeng, billion Connaught, agriculture Flyers, Han and aviation, Hi-Tech new farmers, Yu people, Xiangnong aviation, Tianxiang Airlines, Ingmar, Eagle Brothers and so on more than 60. Many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises exhibitors, also attracted from the country's 15 million viewers looking for business opportunities.
         Highlights two: six forums combing industry hot spots
        2016 is the national thirteen five plan of the beginning of the year, the information conference as an annual highlight, brought together well-known foreign academicians, experts, scholars, in summary of the 2016 national major crop pest control on the basis of prevention and control of pesticides New products, new technologies, new research and development activities to be displayed for the 2017 China pesticide industry development trend to lay the tone. In addition, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly in conjunction with the relevant colleges and universities, industry associations, agricultural media, large enterprises, focusing on safe medication, plant protection machinery, soil nematode, soil-borne diseases and other market focus, respectively, organized the third pesticide reduction efficiency zero growth Summit Forum, low-level low-volume precision aeronautical application technology forum, the second session of the Chinese soil nematode control high-level forum, 2016 China Pesticide Market Summit and 2017 pesticide market and hot product situation analysis and 2016 soil detection and prevention and control peak Forum Field forum, in the industry triggered a great response.
        Highlights three: high-end medicine to help reduce efficiency
        In order to help the national pesticide use zero growth action target to achieve, this session of the cross-trade as the advanced plant protection machinery for the pesticide reduction efficiency of the weapon, increased the invitation to plant protection machinery enterprises, focused on a number of highly efficient plant protection machinery, Products, especially in the outdoor set "rice field new plant protection machinery, unmanned aerial vehicle display area", focus, free of charge for the exhibition of plant protection machinery, UAV enterprises to provide the same show opportunities. Specialization of the rule of control is the current plant protection work of a major bright spot, the current national professional prevention and control organizations of more than 10 million. In order to promote the professionalization and prevention services organizations to learn from each other, and jointly improve the exhibition set up a special exhibition, with pictures from all over the country selected 33 professional control services in the service mode, operation mechanism, management model and other aspects of the typical approach Promote the stable development of specialization and prevention and control work.
        Highlight four: standardize management to create a civilized order
        It is understood that in order to create a civilized exhibition order, the organizing committee to take a total of five strict measures: First, the process of biddering to strengthen the review of the qualifications of exhibitors, requiring them to provide business three permits, while the site publicity name and signed contract When the name of the three licenses must be unified; the second is to use the form of notice, reminders and other forms of exhibitors to promote the exhibition to enhance awareness of intellectual property protection, and jointly create a protection of corporate trademark rights, copyright and patent atmosphere; third is to guide enterprises to spread positive energy, Through the exhibition contract requirements on-site ban on wearing uniforms and human body painting and other uncivilized propaganda behavior, improve the quality of exhibitors; four is to strengthen the exhibition live sound, placards and other publicity and management, and further do a good job outside the stalls of the dredging management; On the simple and generous, highlighting the green, especially the exhibition hall clean and tidy, booth design transparent, wide and spacious aisle, is conducive to exhibitors promotional products.
        Highlight five: people-oriented to reflect the responsibility of care
First, in order to improve the professionalism in the exhibition management, and exhibitors to provide more thoughtful and meticulous service, the organizing committee arranged more than 400 staff and volunteers to participate in the General Assembly advisory services, and set up nearly 500 square meters of VIP Businessmen to discuss the room, and strive for important businessmen to provide a comfortable and quiet environment for negotiations. Second, pay attention to the development of information technology development, the establishment of "palm plant protection", open WeChat, the official website online application booth and visit the permit channel, so that exhibitors can at any time through the mobile phone for the relevant procedures for exhibitors to provide a good information exchange platform. Third, the organizing committee attaches great importance to security work, Nanjing City Exhibition Office, public security, transportation and other relevant departments to support, after several communication, consultation, developed the General Assembly security program to ensure that the General Assembly safe, efficient and orderly.

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