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The soil processing market is of great concern

Published: 2017-06-06


November 25, 2016 Soil Restoration and Soil-borne Pest Control Summit was held in Nanjing. The meeting focused on the status quo, problems and development trends of soil conditioner, biota, soil-borne disease control and nematode control. , Especially in these areas huge market space is particularly attractive to delegates concerned.
        Liu Jianming, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out at the meeting that soil quality determines the yield, quality and safety of agricultural products, and also restricts the quality of terrestrial ecological environment. Soil has three basic functions: nutrient function, structural function, environmental function. The current soil repair and improvement are also around these three functions to start. In the face of China's soil pollution and serious degradation of the situation, we must change the concept of fertilization, not only to focus on plant nutrition, but also concerned about soil quality, to plant nutrition, soil quality, ecological environment, human health together.
        According to the report, Nicola1Cea, director of marketing for Asia-Pacific Asia, pointed out that improving soil biological activity can increase the beneficiality of microorganisms in the soil, because the rhizosphere beneficial microbial development and activity can promote plant growth and improve plant resistance.
        Cao Guo of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the economic benefits of traditional field crops is low, it is difficult to raise the income of farmers, protected areas and high value-added crops cultivation, a substantial increase in farmers' income. While the protected areas and intensive planting methods caused by continuous cropping, soil-borne diseases become more and more heavy. The development of the protected area also provides a suitable environment for the occurrence and development of soil-borne pests and diseases. After 3 to 5 years of planting, the yield and quality of the crops are seriously affected. Generally, the production is reduced by 20% to 40% % Or more. Soil-borne pests and diseases are difficult to control, lack of targeted, stubble crop difficult, less resistant varieties, biological control instability. In the control method, almost no bacterial disease and virus disease effective spray, the use of fungicides to control soil-borne diseases are usually ineffective. Therefore, prevention is the most important measure to control soil-borne diseases.
        Microbial agents, the Japanese Central Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Ji Zhongdong pointed out that microbial agents due to greater profits, dealers selling enthusiasm is relatively high. And the state has the policy to support farmers with the fundamental needs. Coupled with the use of chemical fertilizers in China for a long time caused by soil compaction and other conditions and caused by the status of pests and diseases, microbial agents to become a market urgently and urgent development of products, has broad prospects for development.

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