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Pesticide province supply side of the reform should be the only choice

Published: 2017-06-06


Agricultural supply side of the reform of pesticide products, production methods and product structure put forward new requirements. Over the past two years, the overall decline in pesticide industry profits, prompting a group of enterprises to accelerate the transformation of pesticide production, focusing on technological innovation and cleaner production, take a safe, efficient and environment-friendly development model. From the second half of 2016 pesticide industry began to recover, the first quarter of 2017 performance report shows that Huifeng shares, Red Sun, Sanonda and other listed pesticide business profits increased year on year, part of the increase even more than 100%.

Jiangsu Province is China's pesticide production and consumption of large provinces, industrial status plays a decisive role. In recent years, Jiangsu pesticide industry, increase the intensity of industrial restructuring, and vigorously promote pesticide products and production processes to the environment-friendly direction, to accelerate the concentration of pesticide enterprises to the chemical industry park, industrial concentration to improve and reduce point source pollution.

Find the focus point

Actively carry out transformation and upgrading

In recent years, pesticide companies to accelerate the pace of listing, the number of listed companies increasing. According to statistics, the current domestic pesticide listed companies have 31, Jiangsu enterprises have 10, accounting for 32%. Jiangsu pesticide enterprises in the supply side of the reform of pesticides actively looking for focus, seeking transformation to achieve greater development.

Many years ago, Suli shares face the loss of the collapse of the plastic factory, by changing the direction of operation, the main business adjusted to pesticides, flame retardants and other products, adhere to independent innovation path, do fine, and finally achieved a reversal , And in December 2016 listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, causing industry concerns. Coincidentally, fast up to agriculture is also an insolvent pesticide old enterprises, through several transformation and downsizing efficiency, and ultimately achieve profitability, and in March this year, successfully landing the new three board, open the door to the capital market.

At present, some veteran pesticide companies are also accelerating the pace of transformation. In the past has been positioning to do "high-end glyphosate producers," Jiangsu good harvest, aware of the enterprise product structure is single, increasingly difficult to survive, especially glyphosate enterprises, in the excess capacity and environmental protection in the context of strict production costs and Environmental protection costs, market growth is limited. Therefore, good harvest in the persistence of glyphosate new formulations at the same time, relying on a strong scientific research strength, has been completed in the biological fertilizer, biological pesticides and soil remediation and other areas of the layout, and gradually form a distinctive characteristics of the agricultural industrialization development model.

Similarly, in order to improve the crop package solutions, from the product to the service transformation, Jiangsu Dragon in 2016 to set up Kunshan Long Zhixiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., officially entered the field of flying defense, began to precision agriculture, wisdom agriculture development. Not only that, Jiangsu Dragon also vigorously develop pesticides and special fertilizer field, is committed to providing farmers with more efficient, green and safe products and services.

Grasp environmental management

Increase investment in the overall relocation

Recently, the national environmental protection supervision more and more stringent, pesticide companies feel the pressure. Jiangsu good harvest executives, the company special attention to environmental protection, environmental protection and post-processing facilities covering 100 acres, the annual operating costs up to 80 million yuan, the cumulative investment in environmental protection funds reached 300 million yuan. Moreover, the good harvest is the first successful use of membrane processing technology will be "three wastes" re-use of the enterprise, both to reduce the environmental pressure to achieve cleaner production, but also to create efficiency. At present, the good harvest in the environmental aspects of human resources has been more than the company's product development staff.

Jiangshan shares in environmental protection also put a lot of energy, "Jiangshan shares the overall relocation of the biggest achievement is the improvement of environmental protection." Jiangshan shares deputy general manager Song Jinhua said that the relocation process, environmental protection as the primary construction of the new project. At present, Jiangshan shares built a perfect "three wastes" treatment facilities, including incinerators, phosphorus removal devices, biochemical devices, the total investment of 3 billion yuan, the total investment in environmental protection over 500 million yuan. Among them, the biological and chemical treatment of 25,000 tons of waste water, incinerator daily solid waste 1,000 tons, and waste water emissions of less than 8ppm, the annual environmental operating costs over 100 million yuan.

Rudong Dongyangkou Chemical Industrial Park has 119 enterprises, 33 listed companies, 3 (BASF, South Korea SK, Sinochem Group) the world's top 500 enterprises. At present, the park positioning fine chemicals, pesticide companies occupy a larger share. The park is also equipped with a corresponding three waste treatment equipment for the park safety, environmental protection to the first pass. "Doing a good job of safety and environmental protection, park enterprises will not be shut down because of environmental problems, enterprises are also very much in line with and support the park's strict safety and environmental protection policy." Jiangsu Province, Rudong coastal economic development zone Party committee member Fan Yusong said, Open safety and environmental protection, should be placed in the first place.

Walking on both legs

Domestic and foreign markets simultaneously

Jiangsu pesticide export enterprises in the country among the best. In 2016, China's top 20 pesticide exports, Jiangsu enterprises list of eight, of which Jiangshan ranked No. 7, Jiangsu good harvest ranked 12th. In addition, the world's second largest manufacturer of chlorothalonil Suli shares accounted for 80% of exports, products in more than 70 countries and regions. In 2016, Suli shares domestic exports of 200,000 tons of chlorothalonil. "Suli shares of chlorothalonil mainly to the main export agent, the market, including the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, the United States and other countries and regions." Sunley shares marketing center director Sun Haifeng said that in addition to exports in the domestic market, Pharmaceutical companies such as in the fast, Connaught letter and a number of multinational companies have in-depth cooperation.

Cinda agricultural exports over 300 million yuan, accounting for 40% of total sales over the year, the company sold more than 30 countries and regions of glufosinate. "We strive to change the other drug companies are highly dependent on the practice of exports, so that both international and domestic markets, preparations and the original drug market both development." Cinda Agricultural Deputy General Manager Zhao Yaxin talked about. By the end of 2010, Cinda Agrochemical and domestic pesticide listed companies Lier Chemical Co., Ltd. asset restructuring, is now Le Chemical Holdings 51%. Holding up to agriculture of Lier Chemical is also the top 50 domestic export enterprises. Dragon Light Group to life science as the core business, involving pesticides, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, packaging materials and other fields, from around the world 46 companies, business development has reached 60 countries and regions, exports accounted for a large proportion.

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