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BASF growth in agricultural products in the first quarter 4

Published: 2017-06-06


The BASF Agricultural Solutions Group reported sales in the first quarter of 2017, with sales up 4.2% to € 1,855 million in the first quarter. The main reason for the increase in sales is higher product sales, stable prices, favorable monetary policy and so on. EBIT excluding special items decreased by 10% to € 531 million in the first quarter of 2016, mainly due to a decrease in the average profit margin resulting from a change in product mix, resulting in a slight increase in fixed costs.

Regional sales performance

1) Europe: sales are almost flat with the first quarter of last year. Sales in Central and Eastern Europe increased significantly, especially in herbicides; sales in Western Europe declined.

2) North America: Positive monetary effects and increased demand have led to a significant increase in sales, and the popularity of herbicides, especially the newly launched EngeniaTM and Zidua® PRO solutions, has driven sales growth.

3) Asia: Significant increase in sales, mainly due to the large demand for fungicides in China, and India's sales of Seltima® fungicides increased. In addition, the increase in sales of herbicides in Indonesia and Australia has also contributed to the growth in sales.

4) South America, Africa, the Middle East: Brazilian real positive monetary effects generated a substantial increase in sales. Argentine herbicides and increased sales of pesticides in Africa and the Middle East have led to an overall rise in sales and a reduction in prices offset some of the gains.

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