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Plant protection "double rendezvous" will be adjusted next year pesticide market

Published: 2017-06-06


November 25, the thirty-second session of the China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Agricultural Machinery Fair Information Conference held in Nanjing International Expo Center. At the meeting, the development of pesticides in 2016 was analyzed, and the direction of pesticide industry development in 2017 was pointed out, which added a warmth to the winter of pesticide market. The meeting was chaired by Wang Fengle, Director of Pesticide and Medicines Department of National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center.
        Ministry of Agriculture Plant Management Division Deputy Director Chen Youquan said that the existing pesticide production capacity of more than 3 million tons, the actual total output in 2015 to 1.328 million tons, the pesticide industry overcapacity trend, remove the low-end inefficient production capacity, optimize the allocation of resources, To promote the industrial restructuring and upgrading of the urgent needs. Under the new situation, we should strive to enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, enhance market share, enhance resource utilization, enhance international competitiveness, and promote the reform of pesticide supply side.
        Chinese Academy of Engineering, Guizhou University Vice President Song Baoan introduced pesticides in China's agricultural production in the important role. Said the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China created a spinach amide, thiazole zinc, fluoride fluoride and other 15 independent intellectual property rights of pesticide varieties, and has achieved industrial production. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the pesticide industry should intensify its innovation. The focus of innovation should focus on strengthening green process innovation, green formulation innovation, accelerating the industrialization of immune induced and regulating agents, developing high-performance pesticides and aviation new formulations, Fertility integration, etc., for the beautiful Chinese and ecological civilization continue to pursue.
        Ministry of Agriculture Pesticide Testing Office Liu Shao Ren Director, the current domestic pesticide production enterprises 2130, registered about 650 varieties, 30,000 products. Operators 367,000, more than 600,000 business people, nearly 90% of the following culture for high school. Users about 250 million farmers, more than 60% rely on dealers recommend the purchase and use of pesticides. In the face of this situation, pesticide supervision should rationalize the management system, reduce duplication of management; strengthen registration safety management; reduce production behavior management; the establishment of pesticide business license system;
        China National Pesticide Industry Association Li Zhonghua Secretary introduced the pesticide industry, "thirteen" plan, involving indicators, including the number of enterprises to reduce the number of 30%; the original drug business park number increased by 2%; sales of more than 10 billion yuan, sales of more than 5 billion Enterprises have achieved a breakthrough of 0, respectively, to 2 to 3, 5 or more; the top 20 enterprises accounted for 50% of the original drug sales; cumulative creation of varieties reached 50; industry-wide R & D investment / sales of more than 2% ; By-product resource utilization increased to 30%; pesticide waste disposal rate increased to 30%.
        National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center Deputy Director Guo Yongwang issued a "2016 agricultural market review and 2017 agricultural market outlook." Nanjing Agricultural University Professor Zhou Mingguo, Jiangsu good harvest domestic marketing director Zhang Yong, general manager of Qingyuan Nongrong Zhuang Zhuangqing and other experts, representatives attended the meeting and report.

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