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Advancing the Difficulties in Strengthening the System of Defense and Defense

Published: 2017-06-06


To strengthen the implementation of pesticide zero growth action program to improve the capacity of China's plant protection machinery and equipment and the level of technology to promote the healthy development of aviation plant protection industry, November 26 morning, by the China Plant Protection Machinery and Application Technology Committee, China Agricultural University plant protection Machinery and Application Technology Center, the thirty-second China Plant Protection "double rendezvous" Organizing Committee co-sponsored the "low-level low-volume aviation precision technology forum" held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The meeting brings together industry experts, service organizations, local associations, manufacturing enterprises, plant protection systems and other forces to focus on the development of aviation plant protection pain points, difficulties, the aviation plant protection in the rule of control and green prevention and control of the application played a very good effect.
        Professor He Xiongui, director of the Plant Protection Machinery and Application Technology Center of China Agricultural University, pointed out in the report that the plant protection UAV is an ideal medicine for hilly and paddy fields. From the current application of the international market situation, the Japanese rice field of flying area accounted for 60%, while the Chinese rice field unmanned aerial vehicle application ratio of less than 1%, has a great market space. In order to do a good job by reducing the work of pesticide reduction, we must solve two problems: First, a pesticide for a crop, the use of how much the best effect of droplets; Second, how the crop up and down Both inside and outside can play evenly. Studies have shown that the use of constant spray technology, per acre to 10 to 20 liters of drug droplets droplets 250 to 350 microns, the utilization of pesticides can reach 40% to 50%, the best.
        In view of the current development situation of domestic plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, the director of the Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Chen Xiaobing, pointed out that the development of China's small plant protection UAV industry in 2016 showed a steady trend, no large-scale blind expansion, product quality has been further Enhance the use of convenience, safety, reliability, some products can achieve a fixed high-speed flight, route planning, point continued spray, variable spray, dose detection and other functions, the industry realized by the publicity into the actual operation Stage, part of the profit. Among them, the spray device is equipped with unreasonable, job accuracy is not enough, poor stability is the main problem.
        Kwong Yuen Yi Nong, Anyang all abundance, agricultural flight and other business representatives, Jiangxi Plant Protection and Planting Bureau Zhong Ling, director of the Xinjiang Corps agricultural extension station Zhao Bingmei, Hunan Provincial Crop Pest Management Association Wang Jianwo and other experts, Respectively, on the application of plant protection UAV in the practical application of the problem were discussed.
        National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, director of pesticides and medicine, Wang Fengle in the meeting concluded that this year's pesticide market, in addition to the problem of herbicide resistance, we reflect the most or plant protection UAV, but also facing fly defense business varies greatly, Fly defense effect of praise and other issues. According to the experts, enterprises, users reflect the situation, the healthy development of flying defense mainly involves three aspects, the first is to have a good machine, the second is to have good plant protection measures and operating procedures, the third is also Have a good operating mechanism to ensure that businesses, users, service organizations can make money. Aviation plant protection is a professional anti-rule rule service organizations in the development of emerging things, need to give some support and care. Agricultural Technology Center as the application of anti-flight services sector, hoping to join forces with the relevant enterprises to strengthen the pilot demonstration and promotion, the development of aviation plant protection is better for the effective prevention and control of pests and diseases to make due contributions.

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