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Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Overview

Published: 2018-12-18

Exhibition Content

Pesticides, antiseptic, herbicides and other chemical pesticides and intermediates;Biological pesticide,ecological pesticide,pesticide production and processing technology

 Plant protection machinery

Unmanned spraying equipment,UAV, various plant protection machinery.


nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer,potassic fertilize,compound fertilizer etc chemical fertilize;Seaweed fertilizer, biological fertilizer, foliar fertilizer,Slow release fertilizer, trace element fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer etc.,new special fertilizer.

Agricultural machinery, garden and flower machinery

Agricultural products production equipment,spraying equipment,Agricultural plastics, agricultural machinery

The lawn mower, brush cutter, spraying machine, irrigation equipment and related packaging machinery and equipment


Plastic film, plastic film, shade nets, insect nets and other modern agricultural covering materials;
Tray,Seedling plate, Rice seedling pot floppy disc etc., container seedling ;

Plastic water-saving irrigation equipment
 Agrochemical packaging equipment
 Exhibition Installation

   Standard Booth : November 24,2017     
   Special Decoration Booth : November23--24,2017

Exhibition: November 25-27, 2017

Remove: November 27, 2017

Participation fee
 Booth price

Booth Type   Booth price         Booth description
Special booth (Raw Space)≥36㎡) First-class:1720yuan/㎡ Raw space : Without any exhibition and facilities,sound is prohibited , limit 5 meters high, In order to facilitate the special decoration management,We proposed that the exhibitors choose the decoration companies from those recommended by the organizing committee .
27㎡:46000yuan/per Mini-special booth , hardcoverstand booth:nified design and installation by the organizing committee, enterprises provide graphic design draft. Price includs : booth fee, installation fee , Special management fee, Lighting electricity, registration fee, conference member.
Hardcoverstand booth(9㎡) 10800yuan/Per(9㎡,plus 600yuan for both sides  )
Standard booth (9㎡)  
First booth: 9000yuan/per
1,Standard equipment : includs panels,Company name lintel, consulting table, two chairs, two lamps, a power socket(special electricity should be apply in advance,separate charge ,exttra 600yuan for angle booth .  
2, Registeration persons,compiling the list and company profile in the proceedings , the contents includs Name, company name, address, zip code, telephon :
3,Member of the fair: release product information
And promote company image on the Online trading platform of , Online direct communicatio and transaction with the buyer, date from Aug.202017-Aug.21.2018.
1,Special agreement: to ensure the overall image of the exhibition ,the standard booth is not allowed to be changed into special booth in principle, if the enterprise special needs, to ensure fair exhibitors must be make up the difference.
2,Merchants Guide : 500yuan/ per enterprise , register company profile,the supply and demand information of investment products for exhibitos in the proceedings , free of charge to the dealers on the scene .
Press Publication Price
              Credential and admission ticket
Item  Size
Quantity Price(¥) Item   Size
Quantity Price(¥)
Handbag  28×38×9 10000 60000 Ticket and visitor card 11.5×21 100000 80000
Booth Decoation  Card   9.5×13 30000 40000 Site theme naming Top 50 show,
Fair agenda column
exclusive 30000
Exhibitor Card 9.5×13 30000  40000 Visitor Guide 10×30 20000 30000
     Ad of the proceedings
  Representative List ,Merchants Guide , Plant Protection
Item Cover(¥) Inside front cover (¥) Title page(¥)  Inside back cover(¥) Back cover(¥) Full color page(¥)  Balck and white(¥)
Representative List 30000 25000 22000 20000 30000 8000 5000
Merchant Guide 30000 25000 22000 20000 30000 8000 5000
Plant Protectio 60000 35000 35000 30000 40000 8000 5000

  • Authority:
    Ministry of Agriculture of the People s Republic of China
  • Organizer:
    National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center
  • Contractor:
    Plant Protection and Planting Bureau of Jiangxi Province
  • Xiamen Phoenix Creative Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
  • Opening Ceremony title units:
    For outstanding corporate recruitment
  • Invited co-organizers:
    For outstanding corporate recruitment
  • Information conference title:
    For outstanding corporate recruitment
  • Co-Organiser:
    For outstanding corporate recruitment
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