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Pavilion Introduction

Pavilion Introduction

Published: 2018-12-18

The size of the exhibition hall
"National Bo Center" is very large, the exhibition hall is divided into two layers, each layer 7 exhibition hall, the total exhibition area of ​​140,000 square meters. Ground, underground parking, a total of more than 3,000 parking spaces, light exhibition hall in front of the parking lot can stop 1000 vehicles, to meet the needs of any large-scale exhibition parking. The exhibition hall set aside a special 2,000 square meters of food and beverage area, and a number of first-line catering brand has been approached. For large-scale exhibition, the exhibition hall will be divided into a special exhibition area as a dining area.
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Hall structure editor

   There are seven exhibition halls, each exhibition area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, the total exhibition area of ​​70,000 square meters. In the front hall 7.55 meters high level set office sandwich, to solve the office and conference content, the front of the front office set catering, to meet the needs of the audience catering, business and other service functional requirements. The hall is equipped with service counters, information desk and clothing storage office and other functional space, while the evacuation of the exhibition hall to provide buffer space.
The two-story exhibition hall with no column space design, the front hall evenly arranged 12 groups of escalators, each standard exhibition hall in the lobby position set up two elevators, escalators and elevators will be sent to the upper hall front hall and exhibition area, Close to the location of the exhibition hall Each standard exhibition hall is arranged with a cargo ladder (2.5 tons, 1.75 m / s), two passenger ladder and barrier-free elevator (1.6 tons, 1.75 m / s), each standard exhibition hall layout Cargo ladder (3 tons, 1.75 m / s) [1]
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Feature positioning editing
"National Bo Center" set of meetings, exhibitions, information exchange, business negotiations, indoor and outdoor plaza, shopping centers, foreign service centers and other functions in one, can provide 6600 standard booths, which can accommodate 5,000 people held a large international conference, Is China's central region's largest, most functional, the highest specifications of the international comprehensive exhibition center. [2]
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Supporting facilities editor
"Guobao Center" supporting the function is not limited to parking, eating, the exhibition hall with a service counter, information desk and clothing store, etc., to provide evacuation buffer space; supporting five-star hotel and affiliated conference center, conference center includes 2000 square meters banquet hall, 3000 square meters conference hall and 5 200 square meters small conference room and a 400 square meters reception hall (multi-function hall).

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