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The 32nd National Plant Protection Council, the Ministry of Agriculture leadership was Han and Mercury on the 1st successful circle powder

Published: 2017-06-06


China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Agricultural Trade Fair (referred to as "China Plant Protection Double Fair", the industry known as the "National Plant Protection Council"), after 30 years of wind and rain, in the agricultural industry and plant protection system enjoys a high reputation, The industry's largest, most popular, most far-reaching conference.

As one of the most well-known pilot companies in China's plant protection industry, Hanhe Airlines has demonstrated the "Mercury One" on behalf of China's third generation of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles. In this year's Plant Protection Council, as the representative of the plant protection industry advanced technology UAV, highly concerned by the audience and merchants. Through the scene most people concerned about the problem, we can see that the understanding of plant protection UAV has been greatly improved. From the past focused on the electric or oil is the move? How fast is it? How much water is there in an acre? How much is the plane? How many times to play a sort of land and other basic problems, and gradually transformed into the anti-fatigue can be carried out operations? How to ensure good results How can I improve my productivity? How the economic benefits of these products and other issues. It is clear that this year's attention to the UAV more people, more concerned about the degree, and asked the question more professional, and we are concerned about the point from the simple price, speed, water use and other basic issues rose to the application, Efficiency, efficiency and other core issues.

Han and Mercury No. 1 plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles in the venue by the Ministry of Agriculture National Agricultural Promotion Center Director Chen Shengdou, Ministry of Agriculture Plant Management Division Deputy Director Chen Youquan highly concerned, and in the booth to listen to the general manager of Han and aviation Mr. Sun Xiangdong details Introduction. Mr. Sun Xiangdong reported to the leaders of the Han and plant protection UAV high efficiency, heavy load, good economic efficiency, can work, to make money and other significant advantages, and to the leaders reported the product out of the country and South Korea Jeollanam-do South Korea Power company, Mokpo University LINC Business Group, SM Software Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, in the whole land south of the province to establish a from the R & D, production, assembly to sales of standardized processes, and the formation of complementary capacity, coordinated development of strategic significance. Director of Chen Shengduo nodded and said, "UAV after several years of development and precipitation, the development is very rapid, and will soon be able to enter the real service of agriculture, the era of farmers, Han and industry as well-known enterprises, but also to innovation, To explore, will not think of the past, can not think of gradually become a reality, to play the power of scientific and technological innovation, but also to give the industry to unlimited imagination "At the same time, Chen Youquan, deputy director also said:" China's agricultural development needs you Dare to think, dare to dry, willing to adhere to the enterprise, but also tough and willing to innovate, the real development of science and technology to promote the progress of agriculture, science and technology development speed, far faster than we imagined.

Han and the new Mercury One was watched by the audience

Han and 3CD-15 oil moving unmanned aerial vehicles

Every time the exhibition site, Han and UAV will ring powder countless

Han and CEO Li Jianzhong to accept the China Economic News Network column, 191 farmers and other media interviews

Foreign businessmen to the overseas department responsible person Ru a consultation

Overseas merchants do not miss any details of the booth

The staff member details the product to the visitor
The current agricultural environment is undergoing rapid changes, to the development of agricultural UAV has brought unprecedented opportunities, but also faces a greater challenge. Han and aviation as a pioneer and pilot in the field of plant protection UAVs, is helping to seize the opportunity, cherish the dream, to provide them with reliable equipment, perfect service assurance, worry-free user program, and supporting financial Solutions, in their way to success on the road all the way escort, arrived on the other side of success.
For more information on the company, please visit: Wuxi Hanhe Aviation Technology Co., Ltd
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