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Origin of the fair

Origin of the fair

Published: 2018-12-18

In the middle of 80s, with the rapid development of China's reform and opening up,collecting and transmitting economic
information has become one of the main tasks of government departments.In order to strengthen the work in this area, meet the needs of the national plant protection system for the growing information, the information office combined with the Provincial Plant Protection Station, assimilated part county level plant protection stations (companies),established national information network in 1985. In the same year,the council of national information network held The First National Plant Protection Pnformation Exchange & Sprayers Trading (Ordering) Fair,invited national plant protection system and pesticide, machinery production enterprises to participate,as for great impact and good results, aroused agriculture ,chemical industry and other leading departments’ great attention. Since then,gradually formed the system, gradually standardized, held it once a year, the impact and scale is getting bigger and bigger, and has great economic and social benefits.

From the beginning of 2005, the fair has been renamed "China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide and Sprayer Facilities Fair " in order to adapt to the new formAt present, the fair has formed a good brand,has become a professional event for national plant protection technology exchange, pesticide market information communication and new products exhibition.

  • Authority:
    Ministry of Agriculture of the People s Republic of China
  • Organizer:
    National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center
  • Contractor:
    Plant Protection and Planting Bureau of Jiangxi Province
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